Business Media Georgia — Japan Equities the Bright Spot in Global Investment Landscape

In a world where geopolitical risk is rising and when there is a war in Europe and Ukraine is impacting European economies and markets, one large cap market in the world is gaining more and more investor attention – Tokyo Japan.

The increasing conflict between the USA and the People’s republic of China is leading to increased capital flows into the Japan Tokyo market and JPX Japan exchange listed stocks and companies.

Japan, one of the world’s major economic powers, has been recently stepping up efforts to create innovations and improve its investment environment for foreign companies.

The Japanese equity market Japan exchange group JPX is the 3rd largest equity market in the world and responds to global economic conditions more sensitively than other developed markets.

Many global investors, however, until this year, still associated investing in Japanese equities with “Japan lost decade “and the narrative of Japan as a country with no growth and a stock market that chronically underperformed the U.S. and even European equities.

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