Setup your Singapore-based VCC fund with
Das Family Office

As a Multi Family Office with a CMS license, we help our clients manage funds through Cayman, SICAV or Singapore’s new VCC structure


The Singapore VCC (Variable Capital Company) is effectively an umbrella fund structure, which is looking to combine the benefits of traditional fund vehicles (Cayman, SICAV, Private Unit Trusts etc.) to make Singapore a hub for companies as well as wealthy individuals. Among others, the set up of a Singapore VCC typically requires the engagement of a Singapore licensed asset manager, which acts as provider of governance and management; and can act as a coordinator for the setup of VCCs. As DAS Family Office is a CMS licensed asset manager by MAS, we’re very active in the set up and management of VCCs and can help you with all aspects of setting up and managing the same.

  • Individual Investors looking for tax efficient fund structures
  • Private Equity or Venture Capital Firms
  • Global Family Offices looking for asset protection for their clients
  • Stand-alone or Umbrella structure with multiple sub funds
  • Segregation of assets between sub-funds giving customers greater flexibility in which aspects to subscribe to.
  • Potential vehicle for Real Estate and Private Equity funds
  • Re-domicile foreign corporate fund structures in Singapore

Apart from the fact that MAS (The Monetary Authority of Singapore) may grants these vehicles tax exemption (13O/13U) subject to certain criteria, there’s no public register of the investors in a fund, which effectively makes additional add on structures like trusts etc. more or less redundant.

Our Role

Fund Formation

We help you to setup your fund, GP entity, and management company — submitting applications, opening the right bank accounts and running capital calls.

Fund Coordination

We coordinate with all relevant service providers for our clients and leverage access to best-in-class solutions providers. Connect with our network of legal and custodian services tailored to your fund needs and size.


We undertake the necessary compliance processes required to satisfy with Singapore’s anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-financing terrorism (CFT) regulations.

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