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“Timeless Elegance Crafted
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Das Family Office, in partnership with Rocks International, founded In Geneva by Filip Nys in 2009 after a 15 year international track record with the leading banks in the global diamond business, provides matchless access and invaluable insights  to the world of diamonds and exclusive gemstones. Our discretion, independence and an unparalleled network of direct suppliers has built our spotless reputation and made us a preferred choice for professionals and wealthy families alike.

Navigating the complexities of diamond investments involves understanding the many different diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and hundreds of qualities in ever changing market circumstances, needs a very high level of expertise and experience. 

Our insights are based on combining over hundred years of market expertise with our diamond partners, often multi-generational diamantairs, in combination with data driven analysis from our academic research, together with one of the leading Phd departments in Europe, specialized in alternative assets. 

Next to sourcing, Rocks International also provides consultancy services with regards to existing diamond portfolios, due diligence reports on market participants and diverse projects for privates, companies and institutions. Together with one of our US business partners, we also provide short-term finance or leverage on high-end jewellery, diamonds and exclusive watches (minimum 500k USD). 

As an active professional of over 30 years in the business, we understand where the industry is heading to and we follow scrupulously all applicable laws and regulations, protecting us and our customers and as such building a sustainable business model.

Our key suppliers are manufacturers or traders, which supply directly to the tier-one brands and are subject to many controls on all aspects of their business, both from a quality as from legal perspectives. We’re honored to have established privileged working relations with a select number of them, benefiting from sharp prices and the best available qualities at any price points. These benefits reflect themselves in our ultra-competitive offering to our clients.

Rocks Jewellery: Customised Heirlooms

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no? Discover Rocks Jewellery, 100% part of Rocks International, where personalized and timeless diamond jewelry is created in partnership with one of the most renowned ateliers in Europe. Benefit from owning and wearing an unique and bespoke jewellery creation, which will wow your friends and stay with you for generations. Best of both worlds! 

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