Business Media Georgia — Investment Outlook 2023

As we contemplate the investment outlook for 2023, it pays to remember that market Forecasts usually tell us more of the forecaster than of the future. 

As a participant in the global financial markets, it is important to recall that a stock market is a place that transfers money from the active impatient trader to the patient strategic asset allocation investor. family offices tend to be patient capital. 

In 2022, Private banks & Wealth managers were grappling with one of their worst years in a century after high inflation and a sell-off in stocks and bonds impacted returns.

The MSCI World Index tracking global stock markets is down 14 per cent since January in US dollar terms, while the Bloomberg Global Aggregate fixed income benchmark is down by a similar amount. 

One skill of the seasoned investor is to distinguish what is consensus and what is not? construct robust global portfolios accordingly. 

Just because its consensus does not make it wrong is an old and profitable Wall Street saying. 

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